Mission: help companies harness the power of graph databases

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Key advantages:
1. Enable the creation of new data and services
2. Improved ability to react to change
3. Accelerated development time

Graph Advantage

1.Unlocking insights

Creating new value

You may have experienced a time when you simply couldn’t undertake certain projects that would benefit your business, because doing so was prohibitively complicated or even impossible.
Understanding data relationships is also key to understanding dependencies, uncovering cascading impacts, and predicting behavior.
Such insight allows businesses to execute opportunities for new services and products. To identify these opportunities, businesses need tools that show complex connections quickly and easily.
Because of their design, graph databases have become an essential tool for discovering, capturing, and making sense of complex interdependencies and relationships.

"Take the hidden paths." Peter Thiel

2.The only constant is change

React as fast as the market asks you to

Traditional databases were conceived to digitize paper forms and automate well structured business processes, and still have their uses. That said, RDBMSs cannot model or store data and its relationships without complexity, and performance degrades with the number and levels of data relationships and data size.
What’s more, adding new types of data and data relationships requires schema redesign that increases time to market.
For these reasons, RDBMSs are inappropriate when data relationships are valuable in real time, and when your product changes often.

"A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be." Wayne Gretzky

3.Faster time to market

Save on your development costs

The LinkedIn China development team needed to launch a new social platform — known as Chitu — in record time if it wanted to attract a meaningful segment of the Chinese professional networking market. Taking advantage of the tools offered by Neo4j Chitu has become one of the fastest-growing social networks in China.
The savings (in terms of both time and money) were significant for Chitu after they switched to Neo4j. Leaving MySQL behind allowed the company to forego paying for a full-time database administrator (DBA).

"Move fast. Speed is one of your main advantages over large competitors." Sam Altman


1.Are graph databases right for you?

Unlike other consultants, i will objectively evaluate your needs

Neo4j is a very powerful system; it can cut your query time to a fifth, and it gives you interesting and insightful analytical capabilities.
The first problem is not all projects lend themselves well to a graph database.
The other problem is few developers know how to think in graphs and harness their power.
Before commiting to spend 52800GBP (6 months*22 days *400 per day) to 152k GBP(at a 1.2k GBP rate per day), i would advise we test 2 assumptions:
Is Neo4j right for your business?
Are the analytical capabilities of graph databases really needed?

Don't sink 70k GBP because of the hype

2.Solution architecture

Whet your appetite for graphs

Over the course of 5 to 10 working days we will have a look at what your business does, and what insights can be uncovered using Neo4j.
The aim will be to understand what new value can be brought to your product/business in terms of extracting and presenting new knowledge to your end users, increasing your system's flexibility and faster time to market.

Honestly, your in-house devs are not used to thinking in graphs, and they don't know the ecosystem of satellite projects that can give you a 10x advantage.
Moreover, graph analytical capabilities are obscure, but surprinsingly powerful.
Here's where my expertise comes in. At the end of this process, you will:

A. Know what graph databases can do for your business
B. Know what tools in the ecosystem to use to achieve this
C. Have an MVP built, fully documented, explaining each decision, plus intro to devs that can take it further.
Building your MVP - lean startup style

3.Access to future hourly support

Get unstuck in a matter of hours, not days

I am not usually available for consulting for 2 hours. If you are a customer, you unlock this possibility!

Will be here for you, in the long run.


Graph databases helped me make personalized medicine possible, answer complex questions about the world and detect common structures on the web.

An explanation of graph databases, and how i brought ROI using graphs, here.


All consulting services are remote. I have been doing this for 12 years, we'll do just fine.
600 GBP per day
Minimum contract period is 5 days. Every new contract requires a 2 days' worth upfront.
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